VXVM – Layout of volumes and raid type

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A question arises many a times what is the layout of given volume just by looking at vxprint output. Output similar to below should tell you what it is:


Size volume is equal to size of main plex, Size of main plex is equal to that of subvolume, Size of all plexes (mirrors) under subvolume is same and is equal to the size of subvolume. Main volume with main plex, Main plex with one subvolume, One subvolume with number of plexes (equal to number of mirrors).

# vxassist -g testdg make testvol 5m layout=concat-mirror,nolog nmirror=3

v  testvol      fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    SELECT    -
pl testvol-04   testvol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    CONCAT    -        RW
sv testvol-S01  testvol-04   testvol-L01 1     10240    0         3/3      ENA

v  testvol-L01  fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    SELECT    -
pl testvol-P01  testvol-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk01-04    testvol-P01  disk01   16240    10240    0         c1t5d2   ENA
pl catpro1-P02  testvol-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk07-05    testvol-P02  disk07   16240    10240    0         c1t4d2   ENA
pl catpro1-P03  testvol-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk06-06    testvol-P03  disk06   16800    10240    0         c1t3d0   ENA

layout=stripe-mirror (mirrored stripe – Raid 10)

Size of volume is equal to size of main plex, Size of main plex is equal to total of subvolumes, Size of plexes (mirrors) under each subvolume is same
and is equal to the size of subvolume. Main volume with main plex, Main plex with more than one subvolumes (equal to number of columns), Each subvolume with more than one plex (equal to number of mirrors)

# vxassist -g testdt make testvol 5m layout=stripe-mirror,nolog stripeunit=128 ncolumns=3

v  testvol       fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    SELECT    testvol-03
pl testvol-03    testvol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   10368    STRIPE    3/128    RW
sv testvol-S01   testvol-03   testvol-L01 1      3456     0/0       2/2      ENA
sv testvol-S02   testvol-03   testvol-L02 1      3456     1/0       2/2      ENA
sv testvol-S03   testvol-03   testvol-L03 1      3456     2/0       2/2      ENA

v  testvol-L01   fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     SELECT    -
pl testvol-P01   testvol-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk01-04     testvol-P01  disk01   14560    3456     0         c1t5d2   ENA
pl testvol-P02   testvol-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk02-04     testvol-P02  disk02   14560    3456     0         c1t2d0   ENA

v  testvol-L02   fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     SELECT    -
pl testvol-P03   testvol-L02  ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk07-05     testvol-P03  disk07   14560    3456     0         c1t4d2   ENA
pl testvol-P04   testvol-L02  ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk04-04     testvol-P04  disk04   14560    3456     0         c1t3d1   ENA

v  testvol-L03   fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     SELECT    -
pl testvol-P05   testvol-L03  ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk06-06     testvol-P05  disk06   15120    3456     0         c1t3d0   ENA
pl testvol-P06   testvol-L03  ENABLED  ACTIVE   3456     CONCAT    -        RW
sd disk05-04     testvol-P06  disk05   14560    3456     0         c1t5d0   ENA

layout=mirror-stripe (striped mirror – Raid 01)

Size of volume is equal to size of main plexes, all plexes of same size, Size of each main plex is the equal to total of individual subdisks. Main volume with multiple plexes (equal to number of mirrors), Each plex with number of subdisks to total up required plex size.

# vxassist  -g testdg   make testvol 5m layout=striped,nolog nmirror=2 stripeunit=128 ncolumn=3

v  testvol      fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   10240    SELECT    -
pl testvol-01   testvol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   11856    STRIPE    3/128    RW
sd disk01-01    testvol-01   disk01   10640    3920     0/0       c1t5d2   ENA
sd disk07-03    testvol-01   disk07   10640    3920     1/0       c1t4d2   ENA
sd disk06-01    testvol-01   disk06   11200    3920     2/0       c1t3d0   ENA

pl testvol-02   testvol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   11856    STRIPE    3/128    RW
sd disk02-02    testvol-02   disk02   10640    3920     0/0       c1t2d0   ENA
sd disk04-02    testvol-02   disk04   10640    3920     1/0       c1t3d1   ENA
sd disk05-02    testvol-02   disk05   10640    3920     2/0       c1t5d0   ENA

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