perl scripting tips

Perl – The best scripting language I’ve encountered ever to do day to day admin work.  Started learning it with small utilities and gradually got better with it to write larger scripts. Courtesy of my brilliant colleagues (Geoff Baldry/James Spurin), also did some database/Object Oriented programming. I’ve used perl to allocate the storage, prepare daily reports of what’s allocated where, how much storage is wasted, capacity of pools etc to name a few. I am not a full time perl developer, which means I do perl programming when needed and not on day to day basis. This also means there are a lot hell of people who know perl much better than me and might find the links below of no use to them at all. I also realise there are many aspiring perl programmers who are taking their first steps in perl world before they go on making it big. They might find the links below useful.