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Another cool software from Netapp. It is a replication software which can be used across the site or within the same site.

Snapmirror relationship allows the data to be pulled over from remote netapp on to local netapp. The data to be pulled over will be root vol (vol0), and the other volumes. The root volume contains the OS whereas other volumes contain actual data. Because of this, you got the data/configuration of remote netapp on local netapp and vice-versa. In case of DR, you got vol0 and other vols available on the remote netapp and that can be used to retrieve the data.
It works on pulling the data rather than pushing the data (Destination pulls the data from source).

Snapmirror uses two files – /etc/snapmirror.conf and snapmirror.allow
Snampmirror.conf file contains the entries for source and destination volumes to be snapmirrored.
snapmirror.allow file contains the entries of remote filers that have access to pull the data off.

Set up Snapmirror relationship between netapp1 and netapp2 (both have copies of each other’s root vol):

1. On both the netapps, enable snapmirror

netapp1>snapmirror on
netapp2>snapmirror on

2. On each node, edit /etc/snapmirror.conf and /etc/snapmirror.allow files to allow other node to pull the data

netapp1>rdfile /etc/snapmirror.conf
#Source             # destination             #speed/MIN+HR+DMNTH+DWK
netapp2:/vol/vol0/- netapp1:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp2 – 0 * * *
netapp2:netapp2_vol netapp1:netapp2_vol            – 5 * * *

netapp1> rdfile /etc/snapmirror.allow

netapp2> rdfile /etc/snapmirror.conf
# source            # destination            # speed/MIN+HR+DMNTH+DWK
netapp1:/vol/vol0/- netapp2:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp1 – 0 * * *
netapp1:netapp1_vol netapp2:netapp1_vol            – 5 * * *

netapp2> rdfile /etc/snapmirror.allow

3. On each netapp, initialize the snapmirror

netapp2> snapmirror initialize -S netapp1:/vol/vol0/- netapp2:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp1
netapp2> snapmirror initialize -S netapp1:netapp1_vol netapp2:netapp1_vol

netapp1> snapmirror initialize -S netapp2:/vol/vol0/- netapp1:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp2
netapp1> snapmirror initialize -S netapp2:netapp2_vol netapp1:netapp2_vol

netapp2> snapmirror status
Snapmirror is on.

Source              Destination                    State Lag Status
netapp1:/vol/vol0/- netapp2:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp1 Snapmirrrored 0:12:35 Transferring (116 MB done)
netapp1:netapp1_vol netapp2:netapp1_vol            Snapmirrrored 0:12:35 Transferring (116 MB done)
netapp2:/vol/vol0/- netapp1:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp2 Source 00:12:35 Idle
netapp2:netapp2_vol netapp1:netapp2_vol            Source 00:12:35 Idle

To delete the qtrees which are replicated under snapmirror:
1. Release the dest vol from Source netapp1 (check using snapmirror destinations and vol release)
2. Quiesce the snapmnirror from target netapp2
netapp2> snapmirror quiesce netapp2:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp1
3. Break the snapmirror from target netapp2
netapp2> snapmirror break netapp2:/vol/vol0/vol0_netapp1
4. On target netapp2, delete the snapshots for vol (find out snapshots by running snap status -l )
5. On target netapp2, remove the entries from snapmirror.conf
If source filer is decommissioned, it is enough to delete the snapshots of volume and remove the entries from snapmirror.conf


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