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The hierarchical structure is – filer contains aggregates, aggregate contains volumes, volume contains qtrees. Each qtree can be the size of whole volume or a small sub-sized. It can be shared out either as NFS or CIFS or both depending on property of the volume it resides in. Based on the requirements, volumes should be created as NFS only/CIFS only/NFS&CIFS both.

The size of qtree is set by defining a quota within /etc/quotas file.

The NFS qtrees are exported by adding the entries into /etc/exports file (to make them persistent across the reboot), and running subsequent commands (to make them effective without reboot).

A note on attributes while exporting a NFS share:

anon=uid|name -> By default, the effective user ID of all anonymous and root NFS client users is 65534 (pcuser). To disable root access by anonymous and root NFS client users, set the anon option to 65535 (nobody). To grant root user access to all anonymous and root NFS client users, set the anon option to 0.

nosuid -> you should set the nosuid option to prevent NFS client users from creating setuid executables and device nodes that careless or cooperating NFS server users could use to gain root access.

rw | rw=clientid -> Unlike in Data ONTAP releases prior to 6.5, if you specify the rw= option, Data ONTAP does not use the ro option as the default for all other NFS clients.

Order of precedence: ro over rw, ro=

Steps to create NFS qtree, set quota, and export it:

* Create qtree
netapp1> qtree create /vol/vol1/test_qtree

* Edit /etc/quota file to add an entry for new qtree and set the required size

* Turn off and on the quota for volume
netapp1> quota off vol1
netapp1> quota on vol1
netapp1> quota status vol1
vol1: quotas are initializing (0% done).

* Edit /etc/exports to add corresponding export entry

* Share out the qtree  and verify
netapp1> exportfs -v /vol/vol1/test_qtree
exported /vol/vol1/test_qtree
netapp1> exportfs | grep test_qtree
/vol/vol1/test_qtree -sec=sys,rw=server1:server2,root=server1:server2,anon=60001

To check quota set in a volume
netapp1> quota report vol1

To modify the size of existing qtree (change the quota)
netapp1> quota resize vol1

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