HDS – Dial home and HiTrack

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Each USP/USPV/VSP has a small Windows workstation housed within actual array frame known as Service Processor or SVP for short. It is Windows XP for USP, Windows Vista Business for USPV/VSP. Depending on maintenance contract and relationship with HDS engineers, you might or might not be allowed to login to SVP.

SVP runs monitoring application called as HiTrack Enterprise which dials home to HDS to report the general health/hardware issues.

AMS doesn’t have SVP in them. In order to monitor them you need to install HiTrack Modular on a standalone server and configure it to monitor all the AMSs.

Hitachi is rolling out a new software RACC which is same in purpose as HiTrack Modular. RACC is installed on a standalone server and is configured to manage SVPs of all USP/USPV/VSP.

You can configure SVP or Hi-Trach Module servers to use modem or https or secure ftp to dial home. Details about HDS Hi-Track Servers (Europe only)  is as below.

Dial home using Secure FTP:

Server: ushtinet01.hds.com and/or ushtinet02.hds.com
User: htinetdfeu_secure
Password: htpw0104
Port: 990

Dial home using FTP:

Servers: ushtinet01.hds.com and/or ushtinet02.hds.com
User: htinetdfeu
Password: htpw0104
Port: 21
SSL ID: None

Dial home using HTTPS:

Servers: ushtinet01.hds.com and/or ushtinet02.hds.com
User: ht_http_eu
Password: htpw0425

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