HDS – Delete VVOLs and return the space to pool

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Make sure the devices are not assigned to any host. This can be verified under the tab Go -> LUN Expansion/VLL -> VLL. Select the device by opening the VVOL group device is in, making sure value under column “Path” is 0.

It is a 2 steps process – first release the vvols from pool and second return the space to pool.

    Step 1: Release the VVOLs from pool.

1. Go to Go -> LUN Expansion/VLL -> V-VOL.

2. Select the devices which are to be deleted and the space needs to be returned to the pool. Right click and select “Release V-VOL from pool”. Click ok to confirm.

3. Click apply.

    Step 2: Return the space to pool.

1. Go to Go -> LUN Expansion/VLL -> VLL. Click Dynamic Provisioning and select the appropriate box.

2. Select the volumes you want to release the space from. Right click and select “Volume to space”. Click OK.

3. Message will appear “Volume to Space operation in progress”. Wait for it to finish.

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