HDS – Create VVOLs in existing VVOL group

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This means creating new V-VOLs in existing V-VOL group that can accomodate extra V-VOLs. Creation of VVOLs is done under tab “Virtual LVI/LUN VLL)” and association of VVOLs to pool is done under tab “V-VOL”.

1.Login to storage navigator, and enable write mode

2. Click Go -> LUN Expansion/VLL -> VLL

3. Select desired Box (or V-VOL group, aka array group) where you want to create V-VOLs. Right click on “Free space” and select “Install CV”.

4. On next window, specify the size and number of devs to be created. For most of the OSs we encounter on regular base, use OPEN-V as emulation. Click “Set”. This will populate the window with number of device entries same as number of V-VOLs. Click Next.

5. Select Device ID on next window. Highlight all (or individual) devices from top table (entries in blue italic). From the table below, select CU number, select interval if you want to leave a gap in device numbers. The selected dev numbers should get highlighted in Blue automatically, and devices in top table which were initially italic will now become normal. If you made a mistake in selecting the number, you will have to repeat the whole process from step one. Click “Next”.

6. Confirmation of registration:
The last screen will show you summary of dev being created. Verify and Click OK. This should take you back to storage navigator with new devs in blue italic fonts. Click Apply. It will show a window “Install CV operation in progress”. Wait for it to complete.

7. Click on V-VOL Tab. Select the new devices created. Right click and select “Associate V-VOL with pool”.

8. Change Threshold – Select the desired threshold value (I am not sure what is the impact of this value. It could be from 5% to 300% with increment of 5 each time.) Click “Set”.

9. Click “Apply”.

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