HDS – Allocate the storage to new hosts using Storage Navigator

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Zone the server HBA with appropriate FA port on the array.

1. Go -> Lun Manager -> Lun Manager.

2. Select the port which you want to use for your host. Right click and select “Add new Host Group”. Enter the host name. Select appropriate Host Mode for your OS. Click ok when prompted with a message about set to default. If needed, additional options can be set by expanding “Options”.

3. Select the hostgroup just created. From the list WWN in left bottom, drop down “Port” list and select the chosen port. It should show you those WWNs which are not yet added to any hostgroup. The list should have WWN of the host we are dealing with. Select that WWN, and click “Add WWN”. It will ask to enter the name for that WWN in next window. Enter the name and Click OK. Click Apply and make the change permanent.

4. Allocate the storage:
4a. Click on hostgroup created. It should bring up the list of empty luns in the right top panel. Select LUN 0000 (or any particular LUN number if desired).
4b. From right bottom panel, select CU number of the devices you want to allocate. It should list the device numbers that existing within that CU number. Select the devices you want to allocate.
4c. Click on “Add LU Path” to map the device to LUN number selected. In case of multiple devices it will select subsequent contiguous lun numbers.
4d. Click Apply.

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