HDS – Allocate the storage to an existing host using device manager

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Prerequisites: The devices are being allocated to existing host. Find out which host WWN is mapped to which port.

1. Open Device Manager, select the array under “All Storage” under Resources in left panel. Click “Open-Unallocated”.

2. Filter out the devices you want to allocate. Check the boxes next to those devices.

3. Click “Allocate Storage” at the bottom. It should open up new Window.

4. Select the host name under “Host: WWN/iSCSI Name” and corresponding port under “Ports”. After that’s done, click “Add” so that the pair appears under “Defined Host/Port connection”. Click “Next”.

5. On next screen “Define LUs” it gives an option to create a single device (LUSE) composed of several other devices – similar to Metas made up of hypers. If not needed, just click “Next”.

6. On next screen “Assign Host/Port Connections”, select all LUs and select all “host/port connections”. Click “Add”. Click Next.

7. Next screen gives an option to select the LUN number to be used for devices. Accept the “Auto Number” or change if you want. Click “Finish”.

8. Last screen is to confirm all the configurations we entered so far and click “Confirm”.

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