EVA – Running SSSU from within a file

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There are 2 ways SSSU commands can be run from within a file (usually needed in a script).

1st way

Login to sssu manually from command line, select the array and run the file containing commands as below (assuming command_file is in working directory):
EVARRAY1>file command_file

2nd way

Login through file and run commands from within the file

SERVER1#cat /var/tmp/snapon.txt
select manager SERVER1 username=Administrator password=password1
set options on_error=exit_on_error
select system EVARRAY1
add snapshot snap-vdisk1 vdisk=”\Virtual Disks\vdisk1\ACTIVE” allocation_policy=demand

SERVER1#/eva/bin/sssu6 /var/tmp/snapon.txt


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