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Script – To check the status of SRDF disks

Prod and DR servers have R1/R2s assigned and VxVM is being used on the server. All SRDF related operations are performed at the host level either from Prod or DR node. Ideally, all SRDF devs should be part of Veritas DG as well as symdg. What happens when you perform the DR test, and after […]

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VXVM – Some general troubleshooting

“No valid disk found containing disk group” message. vxdisk -o alldgs list shows all disks but you can’t import it – what could be the issue? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Possible causes are: 1. Check udid of the disk as per Veritas (vxdisk list fabric_0 | grep udid) and compare that with the actual udid on the array. […]

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VXVM – Layout of volumes and raid type

A question arises many a times what is the layout of given volume just by looking at vxprint output. Output similar to below should tell you what it is: layout=contact-mirror Size volume is equal to size of main plex, Size of main plex is equal to that of subvolume, Size of all plexes (mirrors) under […]

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