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HDS Pool report Sample

NOTE: Actual perl script generating the pool report shown below uses a perl module which contains several subs. Instead of displaying that big script and even bigger module, I’ve pasted the output of script. Please note that the Actual output is a bit more formatted than shown below. It has been formatted down in order […]

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Perl – Matching patterns, conditional expressions

I’ve found the below mentioned information from different websites using Google. It is convenient to have all necessary information at one place, and that’s what I’ve done. I don’t take credit for anything written below. Matching Pattern Code                   Meaning —-                   —————————- \w                     Alphanumeric Characters \W                     Non-Alphanumeric Characters \s                     White Space \S                     Non-White Space \d                     Digits […]

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Solaris – Installing Perl modules on solaris 10

Solaris 10 comes with pre-installed perl with a fixed set of perl modules. When you want extra modules on your system, the modules need to be compiled on the system and the process isn’t simple to be honest. Googled a lot and visited various links. With all the information gathered, I managed to install the […]

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