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EMC – VMAX allocation to V-series Netapp filers

When using EMC VMAX as a backend storage for Netapp V-Series filers, zoning and storage allocation has to be done in a certain way. Else chances are the filers will panic. The most standard set up I’ve seen so far is using a two node Netapp cluster using backend storage. Zoning and allocation varies based […]

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FPOLICY is a way to impose the restrictions/rule which can be used to generate the reports meeting certain criteria. This is needed if you wanted to check for mp3/mpeg in inappropriate directory, to allow only a certain type of file to be created in a directory etc. Following example outlines the steps to verify only […]

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NetApp – CIFS

Qtree can be exported out using NFS or can be shared out using CIFS or both. Any volume which will have CIFS qtrees, should have a hidden share created for the whole volume itself. This will enable management of all CIFS qtrees within that volume from your workstation. On your workstation, just open main volume […]

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The hierarchical structure is – filer contains aggregates, aggregate contains volumes, volume contains qtrees. Each qtree can be the size of whole volume or a small sub-sized. It can be shared out either as NFS or CIFS or both depending on property of the volume it resides in. Based on the requirements, volumes should be […]

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NetApp – Upload file via FTP/HTTP/HTTPS

When NetApp support requests the logs, it can be uploaded via FTP as below: sanaswati$ ftp Trying… Connected to 220 NcFTPd Server (licensed copy) ready. Name ( anonymous 331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password. Password: 230-You are user #2 of 100 simultaneous users allowed. 230- 230- […]

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NetApp – Snapmirror

Another cool software from Netapp. It is a replication software which can be used across the site or within the same site. Snapmirror relationship allows the data to be pulled over from remote netapp on to local netapp. The data to be pulled over will be root vol (vol0), and the other volumes. The root […]

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NetApp – Snapshots

OnTap has a beautiful feature of snapshots – it is very useful to restore the data of a volume from a certain point in time in the past. Snapshots are taken on volume, and % of volume space is reserved for snapshot data. Below mentioned are a set of commands which I’ve used to manage […]

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NetApp – Useful Commands

NETWORK To check the network interface/Configuration: ifconfig -a DISKS To assign all disks in one go: netapp1> disk assign all To check what disks are part of which aggr/vol/diskgroup: netapp1> vol status -r or netapp1> aggr status -r To check what disks are spare: netapp1> vol status -s or netapp1> aggr status -s To zero […]

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NetApp – Root Volume

Root volume contains all configurations files (onTap is installed on it). Generally, the root volume should be RAID4 consisting of 2 disks. Create it as follows: netapp1> vol create vol2 -l en -t raid4 2@137104M During the installation, OS was installed on a default volume. Now that you have created a new dedicated root volume, […]

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