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EVA – Model and HSV Versions

EVA3000/5000 – HSV100 EVA4000/6000 – HSV200 EVA4100/6100 – HSV200-A EVA8000 – HSV210 EVA8100 – HSV210-A EVA4400 – HSV300 and HSV300-S EVA6400 – HSV400 EVA8400 – HSV450

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EVAPerf – Stats Collection script

Below is a windows script that can be used to collect stats for all arrays managed by a CV server and and save them in a folder.  A single folder for each array is created, and each folder contains several csv files for individual parameters such as vdisks, controllers, hard drives etc. Schedule this script […]

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EVAPerf – One liners

evaperf.exe can also be used as a command line tool to check the current performance status. Sample one liner commands I’d used are as below: To check status of controllers for array ARRAYEVA1 every 10 seconds evaperf cs -sz ARRAYEVA1 -cont 10 To print stats for vdisks containing word “server1” on array ARRAYEVA1 every 10 […]

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EVAPerf – Set up

EVAPerf is the performance monitoring utility that I’d used extensively to troubleshoot the performance issues. There is a good documentation available on HP website but if you are in a rush, following information should be a quick guide. EVA performance stats for an array is stored on CV server managing it. Also, evaperf daemon runs […]

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EVAs – Initial Set up

EVAs don’t have IP address. Command View server manages them over fibre. For this, zone the command view server with ports on EVAs. Run discover from EVA and new arrays should be picked up.  

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