My name is Ketan Patel. I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I studied until bachelor’s degree in Mumbai, and then went to the US to pursue master’s degree at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY.

I’ve been working in IT since October 1998. With humble beginning in IBM mainframe, I changed my career to work as Unix administrator (Solaris/Linux), and finally as storage specialist. I am currently working as free lance storage specialist in Sydney, Aus. At the moment, I am open for a new opportunity that gives me a chance to learn new skills.

During the course of my career so far, I’ve learned many new things via different ways. Many a times, a colleague would be the source of knowledge, and for rest of the things (well, most of the things) there is always google. It reached a stage where I started thinking – wouldn’t it be nice to put together all my knowledge on web so that, the way I benefitted from other’s knowledge, others can benefit from mine? This site is the outcome of that inspired thought.

I will keep adding the new information as and when I think it is worth sharing. Hopefully, the joy of sharing the knowledge will keep me motivated to carry on posting.

Ketan Patel