Why this site?

The intention of this site is to share my SAN and Unix related knowledge with everyone. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain a lot of technical skills via reading, working with highly skilled colleagues, googling, and lastly working (and sometimes burning my hands) on live critical production systems.

Here I’ve put together information on SAN (HDS/EMC/Netapp/HP EVA/Cisco/Brocade), Unix (Solaris/Linux/Veritas), and Scripting (shell/perl). Hopefully you will find them useful. Any suggestions/constructive criticisms are welcome.

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3PAR Remote Copy

3PAR replication software is known as Remote Copy. Below are some notes that describes Remote Copy. Efficiencies in the initial copy creation of the target volumes that do not require replication of “zero” data across the replication network (regardless of target volume type, thick or thin) result in a faster initial synchronization and better network […]

3PAR Architecture

Physical disks (PD) are carved up in 1GB chunklets. 3PAR OS reserves a certain number of chunklets as space chunklets depending on the sparing algorithm and system configuration. These spare chunklets are distributed across all drives. Raid functionality is implemented at Logical disks (LD) level. Depending upon RAID level specified, LDs are formed by striping […]